John W. Meredith, 1979-2009

The Town of Walton is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our Supervisor, John Meredith, on October 26,2009. John’s knowledge and dedication to the town was truly an inspiration to all. He brought with him a positive attitude and determined drive to serve the residents of Walton, and we intend to carry this forward in the future.

Delaware River Gravel Removal

The Town of Walton Board agreed to allow the Walton Highway Department assist the Village of Walton in hauling away the gravel buildup in the Delaware River under and near the Bridge St. Bridge in the Village of Walton.  The Town hauled approximately 2000 sq feet of material away.  The project lasted a few days and was a cost savings to the Village because of the Town’s assistance.

Town of Walton new 10-wheeler arrives

The Town Highway Department took delivery of the newest 10-wheeler that was ordered earlier this year. It’s purchase was needed due to much wear and tear on our equipment since the flood of 2006. This truck will replace a very old truck that will now be sold to the highest bidder.

Town of Walton 10-wheeler

Flood of 2006 Recovery

August 2008: The Walton Town Board has completely paid off all debt related to the disaster recovery of 2006. After $7 million in borrowing and the renewal of $2 million of that debt to continue repairs the Town of Walton again is debt free. Just two years after this incident — recovery is almost 100%, leaving just a few repairs to Town roads that need to be followed up on.

The Town of Walton gives great credit to our highway employees and contractors that performed awesome work, that was of great quality, yet with expediency of time to allow our citizens business to continue without much delay of inconvenience.

Pictures below will also show the work done recently by the Town of Walton to clean out and re-channelize streams and brooks to allow for better passage of water. In one instance a large gravel/sand bar was found in the Delaware River which was impeding flow. This was removed and with much of the other work will allow water better flow so it does not dam up.

Before and After

Bob’s Brook – better flow and stream capacity. Notice the same cluster of trees in each photo.


Bob's Brook - Before

Bob's Brook - After

Bob’s Brook Outlet into Delaware River – a large gravel bar was damming 1/4 of the river and impeding flow of the brook water.

Bob's Brook Outlet into Delaware River - Before

Bob's Brook Outlet into Delaware River - After

Pines Brook Outlet into Delaware River—better flow and stream capacity.

Pines Brook Outlet into the Delaware River - Before

Pines Brook Outlet into the Delaware River - After

Pines Brook – better flow and Stream capacity.

Pines Brook - Before

Pines Brook - After

Protection of a home that sustained a lot of erosion: allows for better flow to river and protects private bridges to homes.

Protection of a home that sustained a lot of erosion

This work will protect a large pond to prevent a breach in future events compounding possible flooding.

Protect a large pond to prevent a breach

Protection of Town Road, this work was refused by FEMA/SEMO, but was necessary to stop a potentially hazardous washout with another high water event.

Protection of Town Road

 Flood of 2006

Walton, NY Fairgrounds - 2006 flood

Walton, NY - flood 2006

Main Street, Walton, NY - flood 2006

Walton, NY - flood 2006

Flood Cleanup

Wood debris taken from streams throught the Town of Walton, NY. Approximately 20,000 yards in all.

Walton, NY - flood cleanup 2006

Walton, NY - flood cleanup 2006

Walton, NY - flood cleanup 2006

Natural Gas Exploration: Know the Facts!

There is a lot of rumor and myth surrounding the facts of natural gas exploration in the county and throughout the state.  Review these documents from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and Cornell Cooperative Extension.  If you have any questions feel free to contact the Town Hall and we can help you find an answer to your question.  As further information becomes available we will keep the website updated.

Gas Exploration and Leasing on Private Land: Tips and Guidance for New York Landowners

Marcellus Shale Gas Well Development in New York State

Madison Wind Farm

Members of the Town Board traveled to the Town of Madison in Madison County in July to view the effect of turbines on the town and to talk with residents about their experiences and feelings. The Board Members spoke with several people throughout the day; one woman who lives close to a turbine visited with the Town Board for a while and answered many questions. Since the Town Board is considering new language in the Town of Walton Zoning Laws regarding wind turbines, the Board members desired first-hand knowledge of the structures before making any long-term decisions for our community.

Walton residents vote on lever machines for the last time

Town of Walton residents voted on the old lever voting machines for the last time in the Presidential Primary that was held in February 2008. Because of HAVA legislation passed in 2000 by Congress New York State was mandated to update the machinery that is used for voting and will most likely be in place for the next election. If you have questions you can contact Delaware County Board of Elections at 607-746-2315.

Walton Warriors Win NYS Class D State Title

Members of the Walton Town Board present a Proclamation of Congratulations to Walton Football Coach James Hoover for his teams successful football season resulting in a State Championship. From left to right: Hoover, John Meredith, Bruce Dolph, Cheryl Boyd, Luis Rodriguez.

Walton Warriors win NYS Class D State Title

The Proclamation declared the week of November 23-30, 2007 as Walton Warrior High School Football State Champions Week throughout the Town of Walton.

See Walton Warriors Football.

Walton Chamber details $300 million DEP land acquisition

The Walton Chamber of Commerce held a meeting describing the new land acquisition monies that have been appropriated by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Speakers Keith Davis, Chamber President, Dean Frazier, Watershed Affairs Commissioner, and James Thomson, IDA Chairman helped the public understand the implication of the $300 million land acquisition on our community and Delaware County.

Walton Chamber land acquisition meeting - photo#1Walton Chamber land acquisition meeting - photo#2

National Day of Prayer

May 4, 2006 Photo Gallery