Ron Galley Day Declared by the Walton Town Board



Delaware County, New York



WHEREAS, Ron Galley having served in the capacity as an employee of Radio Station WDLA; and

WHEREAS, having served this community for a period of 47 years; and

WHEREAS, Ron’s voice was what we recognized when we tuned into WDLA for countless sporting events, natural disaster updates, The American Heart Association Heart Radiothon, news, birthday dedications, school closings, the Delaware County Fair, and of course the top 20 countdown; and

WHEREAS, your dedication to our community has been and continues to be an inspiration for all that have heard your voice; and be it

PROCLAIMED, that the Town of Walton recognizes that your 47-year career as the “Voice of Walton and Delaware County” is Noteworthy; and, be it further

PROCLAIMED, that the Town Board of Walton, New York does hereby declare 11 December 2018 as Ron Galley Day in the Town of Walton.


The Walton Town Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Joseph M. Cetta to the position of Walton Town Supervisor. Joe is a 36 year veteran of the USMC and National Guard, and has previously held positions in the Village of Walton, most recently as a Village Trustee.

“We are pleased to welcome Joe to the Board to help us carry on the vision and projects that Charlie Gregory so passionately pursued. While we are saddened by the events that precede this appointment, we are confident that Joe can help us continue the progress made for the future of Walton.”

Passing of Supervisor Charles F. Gregory

It is with sorrow and regret that we confirm the passing of our Walton Town Supervisor, Charles F. Gregory. Charlie was a force of nature and a passionate believer in our Town and community. We will all miss his commitment to this community, whether it was through the Fire Dept, his church, or, of course, as Town Supervisor. We extend our personal sympathies to his family and friends as we also grieve the loss to our Board.

For Funeral Arrangements:


The Town of Walton Highway Department will be closing Gosper Road, Seely Wood Spur Road, and Seely Road to thru traffic daily starting Wednesday, June 20th for road paving. This work will start at 7:00 a.m. each day until complete.

Board of Assessment Review

The Board of Assessment Review will meet on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. at the Walton Town Hall, in said Town to hear and examine all complaints in relationship to assessments on the application, of any person believing themselves to be aggrieved.

A publication containing procedures for contesting an assessment is available at the Assessor’s Office.

Local Flood Analysis

A joint meeting was held between the Town and Village of Walton and the Delaware County Soil and Water District on December 14, 2017.  The purpose of this meeting was to approve the amended Local Flood Analysis for the West Branch of the Delaware River as well as acceptance of the Local Flood Analysis for the East Brook, West Brook and Third Brook of the Village and Town of Walton.

Walton Flood Commission 2017-12-14  (West Branch)  (Tributaries)



With the help of many people, the former Walton Reporter site was transposed into a beautiful green space area.  On June 17, 2017 the Town of Walton dedicated this area to our veterans. Supervisor Gregory stated, let this plaza be a constant reminder of those who are serving our nation and our community, day and night, often far from home, in peace time and in war time.