Ron Galley Day Declared by the Walton Town Board



Delaware County, New York



WHEREAS, Ron Galley having served in the capacity as an employee of Radio Station WDLA; and

WHEREAS, having served this community for a period of 47 years; and

WHEREAS, Ron’s voice was what we recognized when we tuned into WDLA for countless sporting events, natural disaster updates, The American Heart Association Heart Radiothon, news, birthday dedications, school closings, the Delaware County Fair, and of course the top 20 countdown; and

WHEREAS, your dedication to our community has been and continues to be an inspiration for all that have heard your voice; and be it

PROCLAIMED, that the Town of Walton recognizes that your 47-year career as the “Voice of Walton and Delaware County” is Noteworthy; and, be it further

PROCLAIMED, that the Town Board of Walton, New York does hereby declare 11 December 2018 as Ron Galley Day in the Town of Walton.