Town Board

Second Monday of every month at 6:00pm. See the Minutes page for a summary of past board meetings. See the calendar for the dates of upcoming board meetings. Meetings can also be viewed on our youtube page: Town of Walton Youtube videos

Click to view the normal board meeting agenda

Town of Walton, NY
Board Meeting Agenda
Regular Town Board Meeting

  1. Call to Order 6:00pm
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Approval of Minutes from previous Board Meeting
  4. Floor Time:
  5. Highway Superintendent Report
  6. Town Clerk Report
  7. Supervisor’s Report
  8. Committee/Council Reports:
    • Public Works – Armstrong & Govern
    • Finance & Insurance – Wood & Govern
    • Legal & Ordinance – Govern & Rodriguez
    • Land Use & Village Liaison – Rodriguez & Wood
    • Personnel – Govern & Armstrong
    • Union Negotiations – Armstrong & Cetta
    • Buildings & Grounds – Wood & Armstrong
    • Technology – Wood & Govern
    • Emergency Disaster – Wood & Govern
    • Historical – Rodriguez & Armstrong
  9. Approval of Abstracts
  10. Other Business
  11. Adjournment

Download a copy of Town of Walton, NY Board Meeting Agenda.


View detailed agenda for upcoming board meetings.

The Town Board holds public hearings and special meetings from time to time during the year and their date and time is announced on WDLA and published in the Walton Reporter.

In October and November of every year the Town Board sets up a schedule for Budget Workshops and a Budget Public Hearing.

  • A Budget Workshop is a meeting, open to the public, where people can listen to the Town Boards deliberations on budget matters. The Town Board will discuss budget lines and talk about perogatives for the future funding of Town services.
  • A Budget Public Hearing is set up to let the public speak to the Town Board about the annual budget. At the public hearing people can ask direct questions about the budget to the Board and voice their concers and or support of items.

Town Planning Board

Second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm. See the calendar for the dates of upcoming meetings.

Town Zoning Board of Appeals

Third Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. See the calendar for the dates of upcoming meetings.

If no business is scheduled for a meeting of the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals, they will not meet. If you are interested in meeting with the Planning Board or Zorning Board of Appeals or would like to sit in on a meeting you should call ahead to the Town Clerk to see if the meeting is still scheduled to take place.

Town Court

Every Wednesday at 2:00 pm. See the calendar for the dates of upcoming meetings.

Non-Town Government Meetings

None planned at this time.

Walton, NY Chamber of Commerce

Third Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. See the calendar for the dates of upcoming meetings.

Other groups meet at the Town Hall from time to time. The Town allows and welcomes groups the use of the Board Room to facilitate community groups. If you are interested in using the Town Hall periodically, please call the Town Clerk 607-865-5766 or stop in to see if there is a date available for use.